Sunday, July 22, 2012


That day when i spin my car out of control, I half expected my whole life would flash before my eyes. The whole thing lasted only a minute but felt longer. Long enough for me to enjoy the rare 360 degree view on the windshield which I have spent staring at half of my adult life. I didn't even need to turn my head around. It always have been what lies straight ahead, a glimpses on the rear mirror is all I can afford.

When finally the car came to a screeching halt, in the middle of the road, I broke into a hysterical laugh. The sheer rush of it all. I blame it on the adrenalin, but the other half is probably because I'm just crazy. It's not me to laugh at fate at gun point, I don't know when I have became that kind of person.

As I resume driving to my side of the road, no sooner that a number of car passes me in high speed, if everything end just a little bit later, fate would have laugh back at me.

And my life did flashed before my eyes. fate have a funny way of reminding me to slow down. when all this while I've been speeding full steam ahead, didn't even look back. the things I miss, I abandon, I left behind, forgotten.

And in my flash, of all the faces I knew and saw, yours is the most vivid and clear

I saw you and I don't want to go on without you,